CBT-I stands for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia. In short, it is a non-pharmacological evidence-based treatment utilized to treat insomnia. Similar to other cognitive behavioral therapy strategies, CBT-I focuses on addressing the beliefs and behaviors associated with insomnia. Under a trained clinician or physician utilizing CBT-I, many patients have improved sleep patterns, quality of sleep and improved lifestyles.

This approach to the treatment of insomnia includes identifying any negative thinking patterns that can be obtrusive to consistent sleep. Identifying cognitions that promote insomnia can be challenging to uncover and influential in sleep disturbances. Anxious thoughts about staying awake all night can easily allow someone to have difficulty falling asleep. There is also many inconsistencies regarding healthy sleep that further insomnia. For example, many patients lie awake at night because they are not getting “the recommended 8 hours” of sleep each night, leading to rumination; thereby further intensifying their sleep difficulties. CBT-I helps clients identify such sleep preventive thoughts, transforming them to sleep inducing thought patterns.

Likewise, CBT-I improves any behavioral intervention that is counterproductive to restorative sleep by implementing good sleep hygiene, sleep efficiency schedules and stimulus control. With behavioral modification, there is a renewed empowerment because patients may feel like they are regaining control over what often feels like an uncontrollable condition.

Additionally, CBT-I is considered very effective as The American College of Physicians recommends “..CBT-I as the first line of treatment for adults with chronic insomnia.” As outlined by the ACP, the outcomes of CBT-I often are greater for long-term efficacy than sole medication treatment.

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