Premarital Counseling

Research has proven that couples that participate in premarital counseling have more healthy and stable relationships.

What is Premarital Counseling?

Sometimes it’s hard to know what a successful marriage looks like or even how to get there.  Ever feel you and your partner keep arguing about the same thing over and over again without reaching a solution? Is there something you want to discuss with your partner but you’re unsure how to bring it up?  There is no need to aimlessly struggle to figure out how to have a strong relationship with your future spouse!

 Premarital counseling teaches couples what characterizes a healthy relationship and the skills to have a happy and thriving marriage.  

What will I learn in Premarital Counseling?

Premarital counseling teaches each person how to select a great partner and identify one another’s relational needs. You will get an in-depth understanding of your partner and learn what you can do to speak to their heart in a meaningful way – making them feel important and valued.

Couples will also learn how to resolve conflict successfully.  Each person is left feeling understood and hopeful because they can resolve an issue instead of repeating the cycle of blame and verbal attack. You will also learn how to communicate with one another clearly and respectfully to avoid misunderstandings and confusion.

How is Premarital Counseling different from Couples Counseling?

Couples counseling tends to focus on solving current problems within a relationship. Premarital counseling is more preventative and provides the skills to create a foundation for a stronger marriage.

What is Prepare and Enrich?

I use the Prepare/Enrich instruments because of their continued commitment to adapt to the ever-changing nature of relationships. Today’s marriages are different than our grandparents’, with different needs, goals, and pressures. Premarital counseling must evolve with them.

The Prepare/Enrich is easy to use, accessible and offers superior research-based results. 

What are the benefits of Premarital Counseling?

Research has proven that couples that participate in premarital counseling with a trained professional have more healthy and stable relationships.

Relationship insight tends to come from our own families. While we can learn things from others, the goal of premarital counseling is to identify which behaviors will be the best for you and your future spouse.  Premarital counseling sessions are individualized and unique to you and your partner. 

Learning skills such as communication, conflict resolution, emotional awareness, and resolving interpersonal differences respectfully will motivate you to address stressful situations such as financial pressure, sexual intimacy, and interpersonal conflict.

Unaddressed, these risk factors can harm any relationship.  Premarital counseling fosters individual commitment and promotes happier marriages.





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What can I expect?

In the beginning, we will meet together to get acquainted and so I can listen to your goals for premarital counseling. Some couples then prefer to meet with me individually following the initial session to discuss personal concerns or goals. Otherwise, we will then launch into the Prepare/Enrich program.  

Each partner will receive an individual assessment to complete electronically.  These instruments will provide an overview of your relationship and become the basis of premarital counseling. The results will then be sent to me, and we will collaborate regarding the specifics of future sessions. 

How long will meet with you?

Generally, I meet with couples for 6 sessions.  However, we can meet longer if you feel it is helpful.  Sessions may also be done virtually to easily accommodate your schedule. 

How much does Premarital Counseling cost?

The cost for premarital counseling is $350.  This one-time fee includes 6 sessions with Terre Grable and the cost of the Prepare/Enrich instruments. 

Can we meet with you after we are married?

Yes!  I generally meet with couples for one session after they are married.  Past clients have found this helpful to discuss unanticipated issues or to just check-in after they are newly married. 

Do you offer Premarital Counseling in a group format?

Yes!  Premarital counseling is an excellent option for groups.  Please REACH OUT to find out more about this option. 

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