Individual Counseling


“As a counselor, I enjoy helping clients to understand their personal value is not defined by their life circumstances.”

Individual Counseling

Everyone has bad days from time time.  It is absolutely normal to feel overwhelmed, stressed, or emotional at times due to daily challenges that can bring us down. However, when the bad days begin to outweigh the good days,  you feel like your life is swirling, and you just want to regain a sense of control – you may benefit from professional counseling.  

Some people often hesitate in seeking help because they may feel it makes them seem weak or unable to control their lives.  But in fact, the complete opposite is true. It takes a massive amount of strength, self-love, and confidence to recognize your need to ask for help and become your best – for yourself, for your relationships, and for those around you. 

Nothing changes without taking action.  Goals are not accomplished.  Relationships remain the same.  And personally we may start to feel stuck. It’s true that taking the first step in seeking professional support is often the hardest. 

However, by taking the initiative to reach out for help – you have already become an active participant in regaining control and restarting again! 


What Can You Benefit from Individual Counseling?

Individual counseling offers a special, safe space to work through your problems, challenges, and general life struggles. By working with a licensed professional counselor, you receive the benefit of looking at your life challenges and relationships from an objective point of view, in an environment based on privacy, respect, and confidentiality. 

Terre will assist you in working through your thoughts, and feelings, with the goal to identify the root challenges and together you can develop solutions.  Additionally, she will collaborate with you to discover things that may be unhelpful and the changes you can make to become the person you want to become. 

Often our behaviors are so ingrained into who we are as a person that it is difficult to separate how we feel about our life circumstances and how we feel about ourselves.  Far too often these two concepts are mistakenly believed to be the same thing. Professional advice and guidance of a licensed counselor is often just the thing needed to bring about impactful change.  

Terre understands that each client is different and has unique goals, as well as distinct emotional, physical, or mental health circumstances. She will work to provide personalized support and feedback to each client, and enjoys working with all ages from young adults to older individuals. Whatever your goal may be, Terre will ensure your concerns are validated, that your voice is heard, and will collaborate to define the proper goals and objectives to give you the support and tools needed to thrive in your daily life

Professional counseling also provides confidence and decision-making support, stress management techniques, and emotion management skills. Counseling support isn’t limited only to catastrophic struggles, it can be helpful in any situation, large or small. Sometimes we just need someone to talk to about our concerns.  And that’s okay. In fact, it’s necessary.


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