How it Feels it Have Insomnia

Written by Terre Grable

November 21, 2018

Recently, I have become aware of the range of emotions that seem to accompany insomnia. Sure enough, not getting enough sleep for a few days makes anyone miserable. However, chronic insomnia appears to bring about a myriad of symptoms. Interrupted sleep or staying awake most of the night causes are then just feeling tired the next day. Feelings of confusion and brain fog and irritability are only a few of the emotions that can be caused by insomnia. It is also common for some to experience feelings of depression or anxiety as a result of not being able to fall asleep or stay asleep.

Insomnia sometimes brings about feelings of discouragement. I have been asked from several “Is this the new normal regarding my sleep?” Many assume that since they have not been able to sleep fall asleep and stay asleep for so long that they just need to deal with it. Others think that difficulty sleeping is a normal part of aging and one might as well get used to it. Additionally, sleep deprivation will make smaller irritations feel so much larger and impactful. A simple comment may be misinterpreted as an insult at work. Or your child’s mistake makes seem harder to overlook because your patience is thin because you are overtired. Even life experiences such as grief and loss can feel heightened because of insomnia.

Also, such feelings can affect anyone – of any age – at any time in their lives. Insomnia is no respecter of person. Children, parents, and grandparents all experience the feelings of insomnia. Moreover, you may want to take cover if all three generations are in the same environment with no one sleeping well! Children may have difficulty staying asleep, and teenagers may have trouble falling asleep. Adults and elders may wake up several times a night or unable to return back asleep. Others often wake up in the early morning hours and just decide to get up. Insomnia is a lifespan condition.


So what can you do to start feeling better? Get some help! It is important to figure out what is causing your sleep difficulties. Sleep disorders can make other medical conditions feel a lot worse. Also, you may just be experiencing some insomnia alone. So it is essential that you see a sleep specialist for your symptoms.
Further, medication may not always be necessary to treat insomnia. There are effective non-medication solutions available. Our sleep office can help you identify the reason for your insomnia and offer solutions that are tailored to your specific need. Don’t suffer! Give us a call at +1 (615) 732-5712 or email to find out more about how we can help you feeling better and sleeping better.

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